Virtual Host

Jonathan Mankuta

Growing up as the class clown of his NY childhood schools, Jon entered the world of stand-up comedy as he studied for what he thought would be a future career as a lawyer, but after getting cast in his first film role (DEPRAVED) because they needed someone “tall with good comedic acting skills”, Jon was bitten by the acting bug and has since worked regularly as an actor (and occasional producer) in various films and TV shows (such as SNL, LOST, HOLLYWOOD TREASURE, and VEEP, to name a few), as well as voiceover for the animated MARVEL SUPER SUAD, and a weekly comedy podcast.
He lives bi-coastal between Hollywood (because he loves working) and NY (because he loves good bagels and pizza).
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Screening Block One

Watch Screening Block One:
Dark Hallway (1:30)
Red Soil (1:39)
Broken Mirror-Music Video (4:44)
Mattress of the Heart (5:06)
Like Trees (5:11)
Spoons (5:34)
Oh, Devil (6:04)
Gunpoint (8:18)
3 AM (9:06)
By the Water (17:41)
Even if it Kills Me (21:17)

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Screening Block Two

Watch Screening Block Two:
Halo: The Rebellion Trailer (1:45)
Us or Them (2:00)
Far Away Man-Music Video (4:15)
Coptors Sizzle Reel (4:56)
Madame Deficit (6:20)
Fleeting (7:20)
The Fast Family at Fuels Fest (10:29)
Sang Freud (11:00)
Casually (Not) Dating (13:49)
New West (40:00)

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Screening Block Three

Watch Screening Block Three:
Diary of a Mad Black Werewolf (2:00)
What’s There? (2:10)
Dime Amor-Music Video (3:14)
I Like It-Music Video (4:41)
The Foot Fetisher (4:54)
He Moves Unseen (5:00)
Dimmed (8:15)
Bobby (9:12)
Hellscape (9:25)
Sunday Morning (11:30)
A Life Worthy (17:10)
Life Like This (26:18)

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Screening Block Four:

Watch Screening Block Four:
Elvis Presley-Unchained Melody (2:36)
Bouchaib (13:00)
I Left My Heart In Pluto (14:20)
Vaccinate Watts (20:00)
Coffee Chatter (20:41)
Brick Walls (35:24)

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Screening Block Five

Watch Screening Block Five:
Lost Souls (6:58)
Tender Moon (8:44)
Jesus Loves You International (9:06)
Last Seen Along the Verde River (9:16)
Vänner (11:29)
Censoring Nuremberg (13:55)
The Wonder of Love (27:00)

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Screening Block Six

Watch Screening Block Six:
Stolen (2:52)
Weight (7:51)
Cookie Crash (10:00)
South Bridge (12:37)
The Pandemic of Social Isolation (12:45)

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Screening Block Seven

Watch Screening Block Seven (Features):
Civilization in the Danger Zone (1:05:02)
Chameleons (1:22:00)
Pursuit of Freedom (1:34:39)
In the Company of Assassins (1:12:08)
The Distance Between Us (1:27:08)
Sugar, Silence, Everyday Violence (1:30:00)
You and What Army (1:30:00)
With Arms Wide Open (1:24:58)
Get Lost In The Outdoors (1:20:00)
Neither A Girl Nor A Woman (1:00:34)
Losers of Eden (1:31:50)

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