The Santa Clarita International Film Festival is committed to activism and as such, this year we are working closely with several non-profits which will host screening blocks that contain content that is relevant to the great work that they do every day. One such organization is STOP THE VOID.
Victims Of Illicit Drugs, “V.O.I.D.”, is a non-profit corporation founded in May 2021 in California. VOID’s Founders are a group of bereaved parents whose children were poisoned when ingesting a substance they were unaware contained illicit Fentanyl.

Our mission, purpose and goal is to bring to the public’s attention, through education, awareness, and legislative advocacy, the immediate danger of sudden death associated with the use of illicit drugs, in particular FENTANYL. VOID has created a portfolio of information that can be disseminated to the public, schools, local governments or virtually any entity in need of education to this specific threat.