The Santa Clarita International Film Festival is committed to activism and as such, this year we are working closely with several non-profits which will host screening blocks that contain content that is relevant to the great work that they do every day. One such organization is the STOKES FOUNDATION.
Stokes Foundation is proud to host Santa Clarita International Film Festival’s EDUCATION ACCESS AND EQUITY FILM SCREENING BLOCK. Founded in 2011, Stokes Foundation delivers the life-transforming experience of residential education to students in need. A registered 501c3 charitable organization, Stokes Foundation builds Urban Boarding School Programs in partnership with existing public, private, charter and parochial schools in the U.S.

In 2004, Stokes Foundation’s Executive Director and CEO, Mr. Ray Walker (also a member of SCIFF’s Advisory Board) designed and implemented New York City’s first Urban Boarding School Program for young men at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn, New York. Stokes Foundation is currently in its Dorm Acquisition Phase, replicating a scalable and highly effective Urban Boarding School Model to support students for whom dorm life would not be a luxury, but rather an urgent need yet to be addressed in our country.

To learn more about the foundation, or to suggest (or bequest) a potential dormitory location in your region, please visit Stokes Foundation online.

As LA County emerges as the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, church leaders and political officials are forced to confront the cities long standing health equity issue, as doctors struggle to get the residents of Watts vaccinated.

Director Biography – Michael v. Greene

Michael v. Greene is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His roots are in “real people” casting where he has interviewed thousands of people across the United States for commercial campaigns featuring non-actors to highlight messaging. He was director, editor and supervising producer on the docu-series “The Thermostat” for Eastbay. Michael produced and edited the docu-series, “From The Ground Up” and the social media campaign “One Word” for Major League Football. His PSA work includes “Suffocate” (client: Ademas) played for the LA City Council before they voted to ban plastic bags in Los Angeles, “Onesimus” and “We Can Stop This” for Vaccinate LA and Community Build and “Yes You Can” for the Obama campaign. His debut feature film, “LIVE” (2018 – distributed by Freestyle Digital Media/ Entertainment Studios) shed light on society’s indifference when a Black woman is abducted while doing a LIVE stream on Facebook. The film was shot in a documentary style and played out in real time on Facebook, over the course of a year. Michael is an activist for social justice and police reform and an LGBTQI ally.