Award Winners 2022

Winners for each category of the 2nd Annual Santa Clarita International Film Festival.

Best Actor – Roberto Sanchez – in Testimony

Best Actress – Melanie Elise – in They Never See It Coming

Best Trailer – The Girl, Maura Bund

Best Music Video – All My Friends Keep Dying

Best Micro-Short – The Burial Plot

Best Animation – Midas

Best Foreign Short – Bouchaib

Best Short Sci-Fi – Even If It Kills Me

Best Short Horror – They Never See It Coming

Best Faith Short — Uncommon Negotiator

Best Short Comedy – Picture This

Best Short Documentary – Vaccinate Watts

Best Short Drama – Testimony

Best Foreign Feature – Patou: In Black & White

Best Faith Feature — Baked by Grace

Best Feature Comedy – Get Lost in the Outdoors

Best Feature Documentary – The End of Blindness

Best Feature Drama –The Yellow Wallpaper

Audience Award Feature – Hating Peter Tatchell

Audience Award Short – Dead On Arrival